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Noah`s Ark without animals manufactured of alder wood. Booth and Undershelf can be taken ...
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This is the master of the ark, a freindly old man.

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Polarbear baby

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Mast and wheel

With these accessories new games and tales can be invented. A corsair, a fishing boat, su...

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Noah`s ark as a story, symbolising man´s responsibility towards creation, which lies in his hand.

What is meant here is not the short-sighted fleeing or th "every man for himself" attitude, but rather "we are all in the same boat" is what this is about here.

With few accessories the arc is convertible to a sailing boat.

Climate, Water, Waste of Energy

Noah`s Ark has come to be a symbol of planet Earth. We must not forget that whatever we do has a bearing on its future.

According to Greenpeace who rebuilt the ship in 2007 on Mount Ararat Noah`s Ark remind to usof the effort of a single man to save the world.

Like Noah, we need to develop new ideas in order to ensure our home planets`survival.