30,40 EUR

Small spruce tree

The small pine is useful to complement an existing "forest". Size = 19,5 cm...
35,40 EUR

Pair of fir trees

The pair of fir is the big buddy of the fir No. 48.With these two items you already have a...
18,40 EUR

Little bush

The small and nodular scrub is 8,5 cm. It is usually found around the farm or at the edge...
23,50 EUR

Juniper tree

The juniper tree grows mostly at meager meadows and outskirts at the forest.  Size =...
26,80 EUR

Fir tree

The fir tree offers bunny and hedgehog a shelterd and gloomy place to hide. Size = 12,5 c...
26,60 EUR

Deciduous tree

The deciduous tree should be a part of every cottage. Under the treetop the animals are s...
39,40 EUR


With the loft and light-flooded birch and a tiny flock of sheep you get a beautiful scene....
45,70 EUR

Big spruce tree

Avery well-crafted piece is the big pine, the largest of our trees. The size is 30 cm...
29,80 EUR

Apple tree


29,80 EUR

Flowering tree

29,80 EUR

Autumn tree

16,90 EUR

Orchard dwarf

32,00 EUR

Two dwarfs


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"Bäume sind Gedichte, die die Erde in den Himmel schreibt."

Die vielfältige Baumwelt der Holzspielfiguren erweitert den Blick und die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten des Kindes hinein in die Pflanzenwelt.

Schon ein einfacher Busch, eine kleine Tanne oder der Apfelbaum mit reifen Früchten ist eine wunderschöne Ergänzung seiner Spielzeuge. Gerne werden natürlich auch Holzfundstücke aus der Natur, auch Steine, Vogelfedern und dergleichen mehr im Spiel mit verwendet.

Here you can find some species of the german trees.

 With one or two trees and a few animals you have a lovely assembly.

The different delicate greenish tones of the natural-colours and apparent woodgrain give the trees a certain kind of liveliness.

Fox, you are not going to try to steal our goose, are you?

two hares

Little dwarfs brothers and sisters.