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This stable provides an ideal home for the Buntspecht farm figures.It is made of alde...
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Stable without figures

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Big stable

With the back door and the large opening to the front, it can be used for playing by child...
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Every farmyard has its own fountain in order to provide the animals well with water. Meas...
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The fodderplace can also be used for a little bed. Measurement l = 8,5 x w 0 6,5 cm...
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The campfire radiates its light in the evening atmosphere. The opening is large enou...
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Oriental crib

The crib is made of poplar wood in a workshop for handicapped people, delivered unassembl...
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Crib ash

Made from light colored ash and with his clear lines, the oriental version of a house radi...
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The fence is a simple thing but very necessary for building and creating a landscape for y...

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The barn building, made of alder and pine wood, has really a lot to offer.

Lovingly laid-out and solidly built, this barn/stable leaves no wishes unfulfilled, despite its spacec-saving dimensions. With three single boxes, each with a door for large animals, one outer door for opening and a hayloft, reachable by a ladder, this stable provides an ideal home for the Buntspecht farm figures.
Any child playing with <its animals> here will feel that they are in good hands.

   Here it is a cow stable..

        Detailview Lottistall

Here you can see simple and useful material for creating a play landscape for your child.Colorful playing cloths made from cotton are ideal for modelling background like meadows and ponds.A small piece of sheepskin can be turned into a nest for an animal, or a blanket for the little dolls`bed.Chestnuts, beautiful pebbles and walnuts have also many different uses. The untreated items from trees and plants which can possibly be made available to child, the more it will use its´imagination and develop its`own ideas.

 Tipp: One set of excellent accessories, which have proven very suitable in play, are the little sacks of sand. You can made yourselve from robust linen cloth.
They are like small cushion covers, easy to make with a sewing machine and can be used for anything from forming elevations in the landscape to building up real mountains.